5 in 1 electric facial cleanser 5
5 in 1 electric facial cleanser 5
5 in 1 electric facial cleanser 5
5 in 1 electric facial cleanser 5

5 in 1 electric facial cleanser 5

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The 5-in-1 Multifunction Electric Facial Cleanser and Massager keeps your skin clean and fresh. With the included attachments, you can remove calluses, massage your skin, remove makeup, clean deep into your pores and so much more:

  • Cleaning the face to prepare for moisturizing or nourishing;
  • Exfoliate of dead skin to reveal a radiant, youthful skin;
  • Timely supply of water and nutrition to skin to prevent aging;
  • Removing hard cells under foot or elbow;
  • Reduces rough and callus skin;
  • Increases and improve circulation;

This eash handheld device comes with five attachments to serve all your beauty needs. Two (2) AA batteries required (not included)

Package included:

1 x Facial Cleaner with 5 massaging heads


  1. Clean entire face and throat or other areas to be treated with mild cleaner using gentle circular strokes.
  2. Attach the soft sponge applicator to the massager. Dip any beauty cream with water onto the sponge and dot forehead, cheeks,nose and chin or any  other areas to be treated with correct amounts of cream.
  3. Switch on the massager and work cream into skin bu usingfirm, upward, circular strokes. There are 2 setting, low and high. Choose the one fit for you, Foruse on face, low setting is recommended.


  • High-low -off switch
  • 2 speed control
  • Condition: 100%Brand new and high quality
  • Cleansing: Use wet cloth to wipe this product.
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: As picture
  • Weight: About 200g



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